6 Tips On Maintaining Your Glass Bongs


Smoking paraphernalia can be quite expensive and fragile, so it’s certainly in your best interest to be cleaning and maintaining your device as often as possible. For health and sanitary reasons, it is very important that you are cleaning your water pipe and glass bongs frequently, especially after use. It is very common for smokers to use their pipes and skip out on the cleaning. Frequently using a dirty water pipe can result in illness and increase the spread of disease, especially if the device is shared communally. If you are new to the smoking game, here are several tips you should remember when using your glass bongs recreationally.


Always flush the device

‘Flushing’ the device basically means pour out any dirty water after you have finished with your pipe and pour clean water through it. This will remove any dregs left in the device. However, sometimes you can come across more stubborn bits of resin or grime that just won’t budge with normal water.


Use a cleaning solution

There are many types of cleaning solution available for purchase. Generally, these solutions consist of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Pour the solution through your glass bongs. It will remove any grime or lingering bacteria stained on the internal surface.

While pouring the solution into the device, make sure you cover the pipe’s openings. You want the solution to stay inside the chamber for several minutes in order to maximise its effectiveness. Simply use your hands or paper towels to block both ends of your device. Once all openings have been adequately blocked, shake your device vigorously until all resin has been removed and is now floating in the cleaning solution. Then drain the device of the solution and follow up with a final drain using clean, warm water.


Using a pipe brush

If after using a cleaning solution there are still a few stubborn spots visible, you can always use a pipe brush. A pipe brush is a specific cleaning tool that can fit inside glass bongs and clean the internal surface. They are particularly effective when you need to remove lingering grime or bit of resin that require a bit of elbow grease.


Getting rid of water stains (avoid unfiltered water)

It is quite common for glass bongs to become riddled with water stains. This is often the result of using unfiltered spring or tap water in your device. This can obviously leave mineral stains, which can be incredibly difficult to remove. In order to avoid these stains, stick to filtered water during the cleaning process.


Getting rid of mould stains

When it comes to taking care of your glass bongs, mould stains are without a doubt the most annoying and gross. Make sure that you are only using fresh water when using your water pipe, since smoking with old water can foster the growth of mould in your device. A thorough cleaning about once a week (even if you’re not using it) is certainly worthwhile.


Managing scratches (prevention is key)

It can be hard removing scratches from glass bongs. Not only do they undermine your device’s aesthetic appeal, but they can lead to further erosion of the material, which can lead to leaking. There are several ways you can remove scratches from your device. Minor surface scratches can often be buffed out with a soft cloth; however, more serious scratches require more specific tools and solutions. Prevention is always the best solution. When placing your device down, make sure you don’t place it onto hard surface. Protect the surface with a soft cloth or something similar. When travelling with your glass bongs, make sure you pack in with protective bubble wrap!